Cheese sauce recipe: classic
Cheese sauces are varied
Versatile and do not have a clear and unequivocal recipe: how to make a cheese sauce like no other sauces and sauces. The very variety of varieties and the severity of the characteristic flavor, as well as additions with various components, determine their purpose. Various cheese sauces pair well with heavy or dry meats, rich or deliberately simple fish dishes, desserts, fruits, of course, pasta, baked goods, pizza, vegetables. In general, any dish can be complemented with a note of cheese;
Yet surprisingly, this particular sauce is almost impossible to really spoil, especially with the author's additions. All herbs and spices, garlic, sour cream, onions and nuts, mushrooms, alcohol, berries, etc. they combine perfectly with cheeses.

A sour cream cheese sauce can still be considered a classic, optionally supplemented with various spices, which determines its spiciness for various dishes.

The cheese sauce recipe (sour cream or milk) involves cooking in two possible ways: with and without heating. The first assumes such main ingredients a glass of sour cream / milk, melted or hard on plates or grated cheese - 200 g), a couple of tablespoons of flour, olive oil or fresh butter, nutmeg, seasonings (it is better to limit yourself same to white pepper), salt.
In a tablespoon of butter
Dissolve the flour, add milk or sour cream, heat (boil the milk), add the cheese and stir until completely homogeneous dissolution over low heat. Remove, add seasonings. If the sour cream is already too thick, you can either take less flour or dilute it with broth, boiled water and milk to the desired thickness.
It is important to remember
That the cheese gives a greater thickness when it cools, that is, the initial consistency will become 1.5 times thicker. A simple recipe for cheese sauce - five minutes, according to the second method: you need a glass of sour cream and grated hard cheese, a tablespoon of wine (white) vinegar or soy sauce, minced garlic or mushrooms, a couple of tablespoons mayonnaise (optional). Mix everything - beat in a blender.
Cheese sauces based on milk
Or sour cream are the most tender, especially if the cheese is not taken spicy, but languidly soft, possibly melted, with a delicate flavor and light aroma. As added additives, garlic, basil, mushrooms, dill, nutmeg, or perhaps a fraction of walnuts, caraway seeds are good here. You can complicate things a bit by adding a drop of a signature hot sauce like tabasco or mustard and even bright brandy or coriander. Such a delicate smooth sauce for pasta, French fries or French fries is optimal
Another almost classic cheese sauce recipe is cheese pesto
It will require a lot of vegetables: at least a couple of generous bunches of fresh basil, natural cheese, 200 grams, half a glass of olive oil and walnuts (walnuts / pine nuts), a little garlic to taste, 2 cloves are recommended.

Chop the veggies, mince the nuts and garlic, grate the cheese, or mix everything directly in a blender / food processor. When everything is chopped, add the butter, continue to beat until smooth and thick enough. Salting is not necessary, the richness of the vegetables and the specificity of the nuts, seasoned with a note of garlic, create a composition of sufficient and quite intense flavor.

For fruit cheese sauce, you need honey, almonds, lemon juice, delicate soft cheese, vanilla, nutmeg. The ingredients are mixed well until smooth. For meat or fish dishes, the cheese sauce recipe suggests a spicier and more spicy cheese, complemented with additives of tomato, mustard, spicy note or lemon, curry, slightly harsh aromatic herbs (parsley, rucolla, onion), curry and peppers.

You can just experiment ad infinitum. Or you can make a basic sour cream cheese sauce and dilute, try various combinations right at the table.
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